Health insurance plan for mock call

AttributeNiva Bupa Reassure 2.0 2A+4C 65Care Supreme 2A+2CStar Comprehensive (2A+3C) 65HDFC Ergo Optima Secure
Silent FeatureRestoration/Booster/Wellness/Lock clockRestoration/Cumulative/WellnessRestoration/No claim/OPDRestor/Secure benefit 2X
Restoration BenefitsUnlimitedUnlimitedOnce a year/fully exhaustupto 100% of SI
Bonus BenefitsBooster 10XCummulative(50%)/Super CumulativeNo Claim BonusCumulative/protect benfit 146
Room RentUp to SINo LimitSingle Pvt RoomNo Limit
Domiciliary TreatmentUp to SIUp to SIUp to SIUp to SI
Day Care BenefitsAll Day CareUp to SIAll Day CareAll Day Care
OPDNoNo300 Per visit (1200-5000) yearly
Health Checkup Day1defined list of test Ind-5K F-10Khealth chk up rider once/year allclaim free year 5K adultonce evry year Ind-8K F-12K
Live HealthyUp to 30% discnt on premium Renewalupto 20% Renewalupto 10% Renewal
ICU CoverageUp to SIUp to SIUp to SIUp to SI
Pre Hospital60 Days60 Days60 Days60 Days
Post Hospital180 Days180 Days90 Days180 Days
Accident5 Time of SI100% of SI
Maternity BenefitsNoStart Day-1 upto 25Kafter 2 years,2 delivery,2 yr gap
Ambulance Road/AirUpto SI/2.5L10K/Per year/5LActual up to SI/2.5Lup to SI/5L
RidersSafeguard+ (All 146)
DMSH+(BP,Diabetets Day1)
Gold,Pltnm free(3000)
Booster 10X
Super Cumulative (45-75),7X 5year
PED Reduction(4-1)
Claim Shield (68), Instant cover,
ABCD 30 Days,Health chk up paid
PED buy back(3-1) Star Extra Protect(146)
Waiting Period
seasonal(Dengue,Malaria,Flu)30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days
Specific(Stone,piles,hernia)2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years
PED(BP,Thyoride,Diabets)3 Years4 Years3 Years3 Years

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