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2018 Hyundai SantroThe Hyundai Santro Car is back in a larger and more feature rich new avatar. We put the manual and AMT with versions to the test to discover who the perfect full family is for India’s favourite family car in 2019

Longer, wider and better shining looking, India’s ‘favourite’ family car from 2000 (as Hyundai would like us to believe) has grown up. And it needed to. Market It’s no longer playing in the bare bones entry-level segment as its predecessor and now sits a segment above  the Hyundai Eon in Hyundai’s lineup, competing with the likes of Tata’s Tiago and Maruti’s Celerio.

2018 Hyundai Santro

Hyundai Santro Price Online

It’s also feature-rich technology and at the first drive, we were quite self impressed with the spec sheet and the finish levels being offered at this price point. Our Expert and We’ve put both the manual and AMT version to test and spent a good 500km approx behind the wheels of both to answer the question – Who is the new Hyundai Santro aimed at in 2019?

2018 Hyundai Santro

When will Santro Launch

Like the little bit hatch that was launched back in 1998, the Brand new Santro manages to please only half of its audience and The other half will find its rounded ends, Stylish Look,wide grin, and the two accent creases on the front and rear wheel arches a little odd. Just like other But like we noticed at the first drive, it is much more pleasing to look at in the flesh. Visually, it’s not quite a tall boy design either.

2018 Hyundai Santro

New Santro Test Drive

This is down to the fact that it is actually little bit shorter than the old Santro by 30mm and that wide grille with its even wider plastic help to surrounds help give you the impression that it’s a lower and wider car. It’s a definite step up in height size over the Eon but still smaller than the Grand i10. In comparison with the competition, it’s wider than the Maruti Celerio and the Nishaan Datsun GO and just 2mm narrower than the Tata Tiago. At 2400mm, its wheelbase is as long as the Tiago’s but shorter than the rest of its competition.

2018 Hyundai Santro


One surprise is the best steering feel. It’s pleasantly firm (compared to the light setups we have seen from Hyundai in the past) and with direct as well, making it really nice to use in the city. The gearbox in the car find manual is also sure slotting, even if the throws are a little long. This all combines to Hyundai give you a pleasant driving feel in the city. Body roll is quite evident though. It’s never so clear much that it ever feels unstable but enough that, like the gearing, it’s clear that the Santro wants to be driven in a gentle fashion.



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