In the present scenario, most of businesses need the assistance of Delhi Transport services. And, this is a fact that people search for affordable transport options for their goods. In case you are also among the people who are in search of some reliable online truck booking service then you can quickly browse the internet to get served by one. These days, you can easily come across various cheap options through which you can get done with the online truck booking in a few minutes.


  • Freight transport industry in India is expected to be worth Rs 20 Lacs Crore (USD 307 Billion) by year 2020, a growth well driven by manufacturing, Retail, FMCG & E-commerce. The road freight industry constitutes around 63 % of the total freight movements with following highlights.
  • Road Transportation in India is worth over Rs 12.6 Lacs Crore (USD 190 Billion) currently
  • 1st Mile Logistics is pegged over Rs 10 Lacs Crore (USD 151 Billion)
  • CAGR of 10% in Truck Industry
  • At last estimate, 56 Lacs (5.6 million) active trucks in India with CAGR of 12% YoY


Low entry barrier
Due to minimal capital requirement and huge market size, road transport is one of the most fragmented industries.

Cut throat competition:
Due to excess supply, there is heavy competition between existing transporters.

Low consumer loyalty
Customers are price sensitive and change the vendors for even small margins on rate.

Poor Infrastructure and Interstate Checkpoint
High efficiency losses due to poor infrastructure and interstate checkpoints.

Government  Regulations and minimal use of technology
Approximate losses due to unfriendly Government Regulation and Limited use of Technology is Rs. 72,500 Crore (USD 11 Billion).


The web based truck booking deals with the web solutions for goods transportation. The e-trucking platform these days hold countless advantages that are loved by the users, both the customers as well as the service provider. In order to comprehend the advantages, you must be aware of the procedure taking place at the time of order placement and also after that.

There are several benefits that are linked with online truck booking that might not be aware of. With the help of getting your transport service booked through some online service, you can get to know the instant price you need to pay for the service.

The next advantage of online truck booking is that you can quickly choose the type of vehicle you need in accordance with the goods that are required to be transported. Moreover, you can also experience the convenience of booking a truck online with just a few clicks at any hour. No matter what time it is, the reputed logistic groups always stay ready to serve the clients with.

These days, more and more business groups are coming up with the requirement of logistic services for moving their goods and materials to various different locations. The best part about this kind of online truck booking service is that you get served at the most competitive rates.

This idea of booking a truck online is a perfect concept that actually turns the goods delivery to get a bit easier, quicker and cheaper. Thus, keeping up the superiority of the supply chain together with lending a hand in decreasing the wastage too by bringing in efficiency.  Adding more to this point, the service is extremely helpful in the ever-changing business setting.


∙         Schedule the delivery

∙         Track the consignment

∙         Make Payment Online


So, if you also need to manage transport booking for relocation or goods transport, then you can get it done online within minutes at the rest of your home or office.

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