Can the new Tata Harrier poach buyers from the Creta’s segment with its value-for-money proposition?

The New Car Tata Harrier get has just been launched in India with an aggressive starting price of Rs 12.69 lakh.

This now ensures that it totally competes with a lot of cars which are priced above and below it. And one such great car is the best-selling compact SUV in the country, the Hyundai Creta.

But if you are going to compare both two car you need to checkout these things before

TATA Recently Launch New Car TATA Harrier and its Price is currently expecting 12.69 Lakh Which is little bit higher initially.TATA is doing good again in CAR Market and bringing back to back car just like other top companies are doing.Hence TATA bring its Harrier in a Great Attractive Model and designing

Expecting Road Price of TATA Harrier

Well TATA products in market remain little bit costly as compare to other brands so its on Road price can be reach upto 13.50 Lakh in NCR and other metro city.

Comparison between Hyundai Creata vs TATA Harrier

Hyundai Creata is small in size as compare TATA Harrier
TATA Harrier is Large in Size as compare Hyundai Creata

Dimension Comparison between Hyundai Creata vs TATA Harrier

Engine Comparison

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