• It is no news that packaging dynamics have changed over the course of years. Just like when you buy a product based on its packaging. Or feel fascinated by the box or product design. It proves that the outer appearance of the package matters as much as the quality of the product. Packaging has become more than a way to protect and ship goods to the user end. It has now become a tool for enhancing brand reputation, attracting customers, and increasing conversions.


    With all its perks packaging has now shifted to Custom Product Packaging. It carries a lot of information about your product and brand, such as its values, personality, quality, and uniqueness. But, how do you optimize your product packaging for the ultimate benefits? It can be a daunting task. This article will give you a brief overview of how to do that.


    Custom Product Packaging? Never Heard of it


    Custom product packaging is a tailored packaging solution made specifically to fit a product’s design, size, shape, and use. It includes all aspects of packaging, from the packaging materials and design to the printing and labeling.


    Here are 8 tips to help you get the most out of your custom product packaging.

    Consider Your Packaging’s Purpose:


    Consider the main purpose of your packaging, such as protection, promotion, or convenience. An ideal custom packaging choice would cover all of these aspects. If your packaging includes these major features, you are 30% good to go.

    On the other hand, if it does not seem to fulfill the purpose, try re-evaluating the current packaging to identify any areas that can be improved upon. One of the best ways to curate excellent packaging is to keep your customers in mind at every step. Curate the package to give them an extraordinary unboxing experience. Take inspiration from your rivals and adopt the best one out of them all.


    Balance Cost and Quality:


    Packaging is one of the aspects of business that yields more than it takes. But you still need to be careful with your spending. The first and foremost step is to make a packaging budget and categorize all the areas of expense. For example, consider the cost of the design, packaging materials, production, etc.

    Research before investing. Shake hands with the supplier that offers quality service within your allocated budget and find the best prices for the material.  Moreover, decide if it is worth investing in higher quality materials for a better customer experience.


    Optimize Your Packaging Design:


    Packaging design carries the utmost importance. It makes a great difference in grabbing customer attention, enhancing the perceived value of the product, and retaining patrons. That’s why you need to create a design that is effective in protecting the product while still being aesthetically pleasing.

    Make sure it is not too intricate that it causes inconvenience for the buyer. It should be easy to open and close. Consider a design that can store the product more than once.


    Utilize Sustainable Materials:


    The trend of sustainable packaging is gaining popularity. People are now more concerned about their purchases than ever before. You need to cash out this new trend for your business. Choose recyclable materials, such as kraft paper.

    Utilize eco-friendly packaging material that is made from reusable stuff such as clothe bags, nylon or kraft paper. It gives the edge in capturing new customers and inspiring them to join your cause.


    Think about Branding:


    A well-branded package that delivers the brand’s values creates a lasting impression. It attracts customers more than those with anonymous identities.  Therefore, incorporate your brand’s colors, logo, and message into the packaging.

    Make use of novel shapes, materials, and designs to make it stand out in the online market as well as retail shops. Bring out your creativity but not too much.


    Choose the Right Supplier:


    Choosing the right supplier can make a huge difference in your packaging cost and quality. Make sure you do thorough research before signing a contract with someone. Compare different service providers, their costs, expertise, and design libraries.

    Brief them about your needs and deadlines, and make sure they meet the. Moreover, you need to be aware of their delivery process and ensure a smooth delivery for your good packaging.


    Consider Ease of Assembly:


    Assembling the packaging can take too much of your time. You need to make sure it is easier to assemble ad store the goods. Look for a packaging solution that is easier to assemble and requires minimum effort so that you don’t divert from your core function.

    There is another option of getting pre-assembled packaging to save you time and money.


    Take Advantage of Automation:


    Automation can help you with a lot of your packaging practices. It can streamline the whole process. Making this one-time investment can go a long way. Use automated packaging systems to make it flow with your other operations.

    Invest in any kind of machine that can help you with automation. And lastly use technology to track your order delivery and monitor the packaging process to ensure efficiency.

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