The bride has to look beautiful and picture perfect on her wedding day. Therefore, there are many treatments involved to make her the star of the day, ranging from clean-ups to body scrubbing and polishing. Here you need to avail all of these 5 trending bridal packages which we are going to discuss in this post. These bridal packages include pre bridal treatments for the perfect bridal glow. 

Everyone wants to look best especially if it comes to the wedding day. Only focusing on the bridal makeup won’t give a perfect appearance, if you are not paying attention to your pre-bridal treatments as well. In this matter, let’s discover the 5 bridal treatments that help to give flawless makeup and skin on your wedding day.

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  • Body polishing

Body polishing treatment involves exfoliating and hydrating the skin to get smooth and shiny skin. There are a lot of options available in body polishing to choose from. Due to a lot of environmental stressors, and body changes our skin looks dull and damaged. Therefore, you need to try out this treatment to make your skin shine and glowing. Not Only your skin but your body also requires some attention to make it radiant.

The most popular and recommended treatment is anti-cellulite body polishing treatment which helps to reduce the formation of fat cells in your body. Just like any other treatments, this involves an exfoliation process and then massage that hydrates and nourishes the skin.

  • Facials

Regular facials are a must and highly beneficial for brides. It helps to increase blood circulation in your skin and gives the desired glow that you want on your big day. You should start this as early as possible, maybe 6 months before the wedding day. Also, getting this done in regular intervals of 15 days will keep your skin looking youthful and radiant. However, you need to assign an expert who knows your skin and what it needs accordingly.

Some of the facials for brides is O3+ facial, gold facial, collagen facial, fruit facial, Aromatherapy facial and basic cleanup. You can choose according to your skin needs and with salon owner suggestions to get the best out of results. If you have acne or acne-prone skin then there are specific facials for you such as acne-reduction facials.

  • Keratin treatment

Do you have dry, frizzy and dull hair? But you want to make your hairstyle perfect. Then you need a hair treatment called keratin or smoothening treatment. Also, imagine straightening your hair on every ritual. Isn’t this overwhelming? Therefore you have to go for a keratin treatment. This treatment provides shine, smoothness and straight hair and also leaves bouncy tresses.

No bride wants to carry hair tools on every ritual, wedding and honeymoon. In this matter, hair keratin treatment helps with silky and smooth hair. Also, for making bridal hairstyles look fabulous you have to go for this treatment. You can also avail other hair treatments if you need.

  • Body massage and spa

Wedding preparations are a stressful task and these hectic tasks, you need to relax and pamper yourself. Therefore, body massage helps to make you feel de-stress and tension free to go ahead with joy and happiness on your wedding day. Spa treatment that involves massaging your whole body relieves body pain and muscles stretching. 

There are different types of body massage in terms of massage oil. Massage techniques are almost the same but there are different oils that spa therapists use according to desire and body need. You should ask them what can work best for your skin and body. Also, body massage helps to make your skin glowing, healthy and nourishes.

  • Teeth whitening

Smiling goes a long way! This proves right when it comes to your wedding day. Now imagine if you have bright HD makeup look, flaunt hairstyles, beautiful jewellery and dress but a pale and stained teeth shows when you smile or laugh. How does this feel? Embarrassing, right? Therefore, you should have a white bright teeth that look compatible with other aspects. 

Smiling for a ton of photoshoots and selfies with bright teeth not only makes your picture perfect but also helps to boost your confidence. A single session of a teeth whitening treatment at the dentist’s clinic can save you from embarrassment. This is a one time treatment and gives a long-lasting effect. 

The bottom line

So, these are 5 pre-wedding treatments for the best bridal glow. These treatments enhance your beauty on your special day and make you queen of the day. Clarity is the key so ask yourself what are you looking for and what kind of skin and hair concerns you wish to address on your big day. Then choose accordingly.

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