A creative artform like dance needs more than just dancing. As a performance, it needs accessories and props, which otherwise make it incomplete. Costumes, props on stage, sound effects and proper lighting arrangements add a dimension to choreographies. The accessories depend on the theme of the song or the performance. While you can choose bright clothing for a salsa performance, you can choose a plain brown dance costume for contemporary performance. 


Why are dance costumes essential?


Dancers put in a lot of effort to bring their choreographer’s vision to life, and dance costumes only add to the appearance. Costumes improve a dancer’s movement across the stage while conveying the theme of the act. 


Each dancing style has a specific style of costume and a purpose linked to it. In Indian dance forms, the dancer’s attire is just as significant as his or her moves and expressions. Indian dance costumes considered to be the ideal outerwear, highlighting the dancer’s motions and postures brilliantly.


How to Choose a Costume for your Performance?


When picking the right outfit, choreographers search for one that adds to the performance, suits the dance’s concept, and does not obstruct the dancer’s movement. Choosing a costume for your performance can be tricky, and here are a few ways to make it easier for you. 

  • Refer To the Song or Music

Observe the song’s title and lyrics to determine the inner meaning or theme of the song you’re performing on. Knowing what the song is truly about, you can match the costume accordingly! For example, if it’s a performance for the Independence Day, you may choose colours of the flag. On the other hand, you can choose a brown dance costume for a concept on Earth and soil.


  1. Consider the Recent Trends

You may always refer to some of the most recent dance costume styles for ideas. For example, for jazz choreographies, you can think of futuristic peplum leotards, spangles, or edgy, strappy backs. Taking references from the trends and using them where you can keep you relevant with your appearance.


  1. Accessorize Your Costume

The right accessories can make a costume altogether different. If you have a large troop and a limited budget, choose dancewear quickly to change from one theme. To complete your look, you can pair your costumes with bangles, tiaras, flower jewelleries and necklaces. 


  1. Choose the Right Shoes

Choose shoes that complement your outfit. If the performance requires shoes, they should match with the rest of the attire. Also, the shoes should be comfortable enough to wear for the duration of the show.


  1. Choose According to The Body Type

Costumes exist in a variety of forms and sizes. A good costume not only complements the music but also fits the dancer. Choose an outfit that they can move around easily.


How to Care for the Costumes?


  1. Cleaning

It would be best if you cleaned your dresses after every performance. Spot cleaning may be sufficient during a particular season; however, it will not be enough for the long term. Any stain or lingering odour will only set in and become worse with time. You have to clean every outfit with different materials separately.


  1. Drying

Even the tiniest amount of moisture may cause mould to ruin your costume. Before you store your costume, it must be completely dry. If the costume is particularly heavy, lay it flat on a sweater drying rack to avoid stretching. Frying is essential because it can appear on your black or brown dance costume the next time you wear it. 


  1. Steaming out Wrinkles

You can remove any wrinkles on your costume with steam, and that can be a good step since it is to remove them afterwards. 


  1. Protection

Lastly, protect your costume by wrapping it in a protective layer. To keep the clothing from collecting dust, always place it inside a breathable cover. A fabric garment bag works great for hanging the dance costume. 


Therefore, dance costumes play an important role in elevating a performance. Hence, taking care of them for long-term use is also essential. 



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