Are you giving your dog the care and attention he deserved? If not then you are surely not at the best of parenting. Like every other species, dogs also want someone to treat them nicely.
Many of the dog parents notice a sudden change in their pet behavior after they are left alone for long times. You might be thinking that your pet has started hating you, but NO you are wrong.
The sudden change in behavior occurs because of lack of attention you are giving to your pet. Take a look at your routine is your dog getting enough of your time? If no then there are some ways to make your four legged friend happy again.

1. General Check-up
A mean reason that your dog is being lazy and depressed is that they can be sick or wounded. Always do a general check up by yourself to observe your pet health, try to create a feeding schedule that should be based on the right amount of nutrition (Remember lack of feeding and over feeding both can be dangerous)

2. Start with Cuddling
First of all sit closely to your pet and start cuddling softly and gently, if you dog liked it then cuddle a little warmly (remember not to be harsh while cuddling and this should be natural)

3. Giving them treat
Giving rewards to your pet is the best thing you can do to appreciate them whenever they complete a task, this practice can boost your dog attitude toward little task (Consider giving appropriate treats to your dog, according to their need.)

4. Go for a walk
Taking your pet for walk can be very helpful in developing his confidence, this practice will also let your dog to learn interacting other people and this will ultimately make your dog happy.

5. Respecting their presence
Whatever hectic routine you have or how busy you were, you should always consider giving time to your pet. Dogs are very sensitive, they can felt ignored and this can cause lack in their personality.

6. Monitoring them
Keep an eye on all the activities the pet is doing. You can watch them by yourself in your presence. But how to monitor them in your absence especially when you are out for work?

Don’t worry we have a solution consider buying a Pet monitoring camera to watch your pet even if you are miles away from them.
Here is an article on “Best Pet Cameras”. This could be the best gift for your best friend


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