Picking the right gift for anyone can be daunting, and it often proves to be the most challenging task, even harder than math. It doesn’t take Edison to understand why the process is so troublesome; when we give somebody something, we do so out of compassion, appreciation, or merely to get others to like us. Either way, the bottom line being, it takes effort and time in all the circumstances. 

Another reason gifting is risky is that we often don’t recognize what one thing means to another individual; a pen might seem stupid to you, but not to the person you gave it to. One would never want to convey more or less than whatever you wished to express. Now the pickle is picking the right present that doesn’t scream extra but is the right one. We got you covered- here are a few types of online gifts for people you love.

Personalised Present

Now, when you are giving someone something, it is necessary to understand what they might like and what they will not. You could always gift them a personalised present. These come in several varieties like a coffee mug, a phone case and also a lamp. Order personalised lamps online. It goes without saying that they will like your present as it has something of them and you in it. It adds value. 

A DIY Present 

Now, there is still a risk you won’t like whatever stores have or that the delivery would be delayed beyond the event date. In such situations, you can still make your own gifts in the DIY style. Make them a personalized greeting card, a bath bomb, or their own gift basket. Include small items that you believe they would love; this brings a personal touch to the gift whilst still providing the receiver with a flavor of everything. 

Online shopping 

Now, deciding what to get the person can be difficult. You could use Google for gift ideas or go to websites such as Amazon or Flipkart. These online retailers have stepped up their game by including a section where they showcase coupons, hampers, and other decorative objects; it certainly alleviates the stress of finding the perfect gift. 

Think long term while deciding on something, according to me a present doesn’t always have to be fancy or expensive to be good, it could be the most basic thing. Remember how Chandler Bing gets Kathy the book The Velveteen Rabbit and how she really appreciates it as he listened to her talk about the book, made a mental note and got her the oldest edition. Look for online gifts for boyfriend or online gifts for mother; there is something for everyone here. 


A beautiful watch is always a timeless gifts. It never goes out of fashion. It is chic and sexy. At the same time, it is formal and suits almost every occasion. If your boyfriend wears watches, then this can be a perfect gift for him. You can get watches according to his tastes and preferences. Watches come in various dial styles and belts. Get him a formal leather belted watch for his office commitments or any event. Or you can get a metal belted watch. Whatever you choose to opt for, make sure that the brand is reliable, and the watch sits well in your budget.

Gifts for special one

Cocktail shaker

If your boyfriend has a keen interest in mixing and mastering, then this is a perfect gift for him. There are various cocktail shakers available in the market. Choose the one that is most suitable for him. This way, he can flaunt his talents, and at the same time, you get to have amazing cocktails. It’s a win-win situation for everyone present. 


A nice leather wallet is perfect for your man. Wallets can be got in different colors, tan, black, brown, etcetera. Also, the designs of the wallets differ as well. You can also get a funky wallet depending on the taste and preferences of your boyfriend. Choose a wallet that has a number of sections that fit well for his purpose. You can also put in a cute note while gifting the wallet. It makes the gift all the more interesting and gives a personal touch.

 An Expensive Gift

If the person means a lot to you and the gift is a make or break situation, you can go for an expensive gift, although the price or the money you spend on something doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not a person likes it. An expensive gift would mean better quality and the fact that you don’t mind spending the extra rupee on someone. This category includes jewellery, watches, cars, and you know what is expensive. Choose wisely. 

A Basic Gift

A basic gift is a courtesy, something that you give someone you are acquainted with but are not really close with; this category is the most confusing as you don’t know what to get them. Now a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates can be a good choice for a basic gift. Doesn’t require a lot of thought. WPC 2027

Now to conclude, People generally appreciate the thought more than what is in the box that you wrap around with fancy paper. Which reminds me, don’t forget to wrap the present with pretty wrapping paper. If it is for a formal event, make sure to use a subtle, less sparkly wrapping paper and make sure to add a card and sign it. Hope you find the right present. Sometimes, it’s the thought and the extent you go to for bringing someone joy that matters the most.  Although a gift talks a lot about what a person wants to say, it is also very superficial.


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