Delhi’s borders will remain sealed for a week, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced Monday. How does this impact you travel? Who all are allowed to travel across the border and what happens after a week?

New Delhi seals borders

 Corona pandemic has engulfed the entire country in its clutches. Lot of disruption and chaos has been triggered by the uncertainty prevailing in the country. The state is taking measures to contain the unprecedented situation and reduce the spurt of fresh cases. 

 Administration struggles to restore normalcy 

Restrictions have now been reduced and fresh guidelines are delivered so that people can continue with their daily chores.  The government has issued new directives   in which the opening of markets and market complexes is allowed with specific instructions on the basis of odd-even while observing social distancing.The fresh guidelines  point that “for the well-being and safety” of people, the movement will be banned between 8 pm and 7 am except for essential reasons. Keeping in view the regulation given by the authorities the leading transporters are offering efficient trucking services to ensure goods and commodities can reach the  desired destination without any hassle.

Ghaziabad authorities fazed by the new positive cases of corona virus 

However, new infected cases are being registered in the hospitals and people are gripped with terror. Recently   more than 10 people have tested positive only from Vaishali in the last five days thus putting the authorities completely bewildered and confused. The Ghaziabad administration is reportedly pondering seriously to seal off the entire township for some more days to come .Sealing the township would imply that there will be no entry or exit allowed except for  trucks carrying essential items , groceries, medical equipment and  vehicles operating during medical emergencies. Till now, Vaishali had reported 30 cases. But the sudden spurt in cases has left the Ghaziabad authorities most perturbed. The news has struck abnormal and uncalled for as new several cases have been reported in the last few days. On Saturday, 11 new cases were also detected in Ghaziabad. Two of these new cases were from the Vaishali zone. According to reports, both the people acquired the infectious disease from Delhi.

 Currently, Vaishali and Indirapuram have become two corona virus hotspots in Ghaziabad. But statistics reveal that, the cases saw a sudden spurt as soon as the border curbs became lax during lockdown 3.0 and 4.  Keeping  this in view the Ghaziabad administration has  recently again  re-imposed stringent curbs and issued strict directives  prohibiting all border movement between Delhi and Ghaziabad 

 New directives issued by the government 

Commuters experienced a lot of hitches as they had to wait endlessly  in traffic jams in Ghaziabad on the Delhi UP border. People who have valid passes as well as those people who are employed in essential services will be allowed to travel from Delhi to Ghaziabad. Traffic congestion mounts as police personnel check passes and ID cards of people who are commuting through this busy route. This creates a lot of hassles and wastage of precious time as significant amount of people commute daily and there is heavy vehicular traffic .Only travelers with genuine reasons are being allowed to cross this border . The decision has been taken in the larger public interest considering important recommendations of the health authorities.Almost all Delhi truck transporter are now stop outside Delhi to wait for reopen the border

Chief Minister Mr Kejriwal said that since New Delhi’s healthcare services in the government sector are totally free — and, according to him, also better to handle than in a lot of other states, and there was a possibility that, as the numbers of coronavirus infections daily increase, patients from outside Delhi would want to get treated in the city.

The government is worried that considering the current Covid case load — the city saw 1,295 new cases on Sunday and the total active cases are around 11,000 — hospitals could get overwhelmed.

How will this impact those who already come to Delhi from NCR cities such as Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad?

Gurgaon had now allowed movement across the border along Delhi , Faridabad after two weeks starting Monday (June 1). But with Delhi sealing its borders, the restrictions on movement come back on. Several curbs will remain in place, except for those employed in essential services.


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