Unlike the established companies, every startup definitely suffers from a lack of awareness. Therefore, it is imperative to create a website to attract attention on the Internet; because the willingness of customers increases to find out about the products or services they need on the Internet before making a purchase.

The website of a startup gives the calling user the first impression of the company. This first impression has to be right because there is no second chance for it. In order for the startup to present itself perfectly on the Internet, it should heed the following five points.

1st tip: making the website

A company’s website is also its business card for the Internet. Therefore, every startup can initially limit itself to this aspect. It is used for awareness and is inexpensive. Both of these are important considerations for a company that is starting a businesses located and has to pay more attention to its costs.

Nevertheless, the website must be professionally designed. The headings should be expressive, the sentences short and in neutral language. Keywords are the signposts that lead users to the statements that are important to them; because the users of a website do not read the texts, they only “scan” them, so they only access them superficially. This is why professional images matter because they say “more than 1,000 words”. Overall, the startup must be presented appropriately.

Tip 2: Legal questions

The legal issues associated with the design of a website are clear and precise on the one hand, and very complicated on the other. They are all geared towards the defense against warnings, which have now become a business model for unwelcome contemporaries. Therefore, the first priority is that all texts and images published by the startups really belong to the startups or have been acquired royalty-free. Otherwise they run the risk of being warned, paying the warning people fees and the real owners of the rights compensation.

These amounts can be “steep” and not only have to be used when designing the website, but can also be due years afterwards. In any case, a proper legal notice and a data protection guideline must be published on the website.

3rd tip: content

Users expect a startup to provide them with a complete overview of its products or services on its website. On the home page, the explanations are to be kept short and sweet and to be linked to the detail pages. Product photos or product videos complement the textual presentation. In addition, options are to be offered as to how users can purchase the offers.

Detailed descriptions must be devoted to support and service, because the after-sales measures contribute significantly to customer satisfaction and customer acquisition serve. Information about the history of the company and the latest developments in products or services are part of the necessary content of a website. A press area is also helpful in which press releases can be listed historically.

4th tip: Search engine optimization ( SEO )

Search engine optimization (SEO) means all measures that ensure that information can be found on the Internet by interested users. Therefore, the website of a start-up must be placed in an SEO-compliant manner, so it must be searchable by the search engine Google. This requires the use of key words, the keywords, which not only ensure finding, but also a good placement in the Google ranking. These are places 1 – 10. Google does not publish the criteria by which the information it finds is evaluated. Therefore, every startup should use blog posting and select those keywords that are interesting for their target group as search terms. Their ideas do not have to coincide with those of the startup.

Tip 5: construction kit for the website

A website has to give a professional impression of the company if it is to be taken seriously. A professional impression is guaranteed as soon as a professional internet agency is commissioned to create the website. But commissioning them could be costly and too expensive for a startup. The website construction kits, which have significantly increased their offerings in recent years, are an alternative. The scope of functions, design variations and application options have increased significantly, so that every startup can get the right component for its respective stage of development. Programming skills are not required to create the website. This means that costs are only incurred when a component is required. But there are also free offers for this.

Recommendation: wix.com

On the platform wix.com, which works according to the cloud principle, startups can create their homepage free of charge at the highest level according to the modular system . According to information provided by wix.com on its homepage, more than 100 million users have already made use of this offer. It consists of the following parts:

TDR in real estate

  • Basics: The construction kit for creating a website is user-friendly because the editor does not impose any restrictions and does not require any knowledge. The website can be optimized for smartphones and tablets. Your security is guaranteed with the free hosting.
  • Nice design: To create an appealing website, every startup can choose the right design from 500 templates. Over 40 galleries offer millions of professional images for the design of the respective website. Subpages can also be created. The startup’s HTML code can be included, increasing the functionality of the website. Audio files and video files can be loaded, which provide the appealing background of the start page. With 3D effects, new dimensions can be added to the website.
  • Blog & social networks: An interesting blog can be accommodated by any startup according to its imagination without any restrictions. Facebook tools can be used to increase and measure website traffic. The startups should add links from the social networks to their own website.
  • Online shop: Startups who want to run an online shop are able to set up their own shop with wix. It is the basis for successful online sales of products and services.
  • Tools: Every startup is provided with a range of tools that improve its standing, contact management or a personalized mailbox. An SEO assistant, email marketing with ShoutOut and Wix Smart Actions are also among the tools.
  • Support: At wix.com, support is available around the clock through a help center, the support forum and the telephone service.

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