In the past few years, there have been massive transformations in the broadcast industry. It is rapidly evolving to keep up with the shifts in the audience requirement and adapt to the new reality. Over The Top (OTT) Technology has taken over traditional TV forecasting. After all, it effectively creates a connection with users in all apps.

As consumers have started adapting digital platforms for content consumption, further changes will surely take place in the Broadcasting ecosystem. Identifying its emerging trends will help companies to determine how to adjust their media strategies, what tactics will likely lead to success, and how to better prepare for the future.

Top trends taking place in the broadcasting industry

  1. Rise of OTT Platforms 

With OTT platform solutions, you can enjoy all types of content, including education, entertainment, spirituality, health, religion, sports, etc. Since a person can watch programs in his/her comfort, the majority of the Indian population are preferring OTT Platforms. It is ultimately driving the growth of the OTT market in India.

Considering the watching pattern of today’s viewers, OTT platforms are highly used to watch a variety of online content. You will find a lot of OTT platforms where you can watch high-quality video streams and HD video content.

The shift from TV broadcasting to OTT platforms is creating an excellent opportunity for established media companies and local content creators. In the coming years, some massive transformations will take place in the OTT platforms.

  1. Cloud Playout

The popularity of cloud-based production solutions is constantly rising in the broadcasting industry. Considering the current scenario, a Cloud-based Playout system is in huge demand these days.

Unlike a hardware-based physical on-premise system, a cloud-based playout solution comes with a virtual interface that automates live & on-demand content ingestion, media asset management, scheduling, encoding, and cross-platform delivery in a complete cloud setup.

Cloud workflows are cost-effective. In addition to it, they are flexible and scalable. It means broadcasters can make major infrastructure upgrades without making any major plans. Broadcast and media companies can launch new services quickly without making significant upfront investments in infrastructure. This powerful, end-to-end solution comes with:

  • 24×7 Linear Channels
  • Pop-Up / Virtual Channels
  • Simulated Live Events

Cloud Playout increases audience engagement and creates new revenue opportunities for broadcasters. Also, using existing VOD assets and adding live events on cloud-based platforms helps to create scheduled live channels.

  1. User-generated content 

Moderating and navigating user-generated content in the digital era is a challenge. Broadcasters are looking for technology that allows for the sharing of user expertise and content. Therefore, building new diverse platforms for communication and content creation is the next step in broadcasting.

User-generated content (UGC) platforms help broadcasters to contact consumers and monitor and use the text, video, or photo, created by brand users. Accessing and creating content becomes way easy this way! Many cloud-based solutions offer engagement, social media integration, etc tools these days.

  1. Making connections with users

In the age of information overload, broadcasters tend to focus on providing facts to the audience as accurately as possible. The answer to what viewers are actually looking for must be delivered!

In order to remain relevant, broadcasters must continue to evolve – making connections with their users. Despite the increase in content volume and variety, some broadcasters have succeeded in catching up with their target audience.

It will be necessary to develop technology that facilitates this relationship between users and broadcasters. Adopting the latest broadcast solutions can help to offset these goals!

Constantly evolving trends in the broadcast ecosystem

Even though broadcasting is constantly changing, its responsibility to educate and inform viewers remains the same. It is imperative to get viewers the information they need, but providing engaging, high-quality content is what allows your broadcast to stand out. Keeping an eye on these broadcast trends is necessary.

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In the past few years, the broadcasting industry has seen some massive transformations. Advanced technologies are emerging in the media business. Read the blog to get all the latest insights.


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