So your Rockspace AC1200 extender is unable to access the home WiFi network. The sole purpose of a range extender is to expand the existing router network to reach every nook and corner of your home. But, what exactly happened with you is totally opposite of what is expected. There is no need to worry anymore as we are here to help you out. We will assist you to get rid of this inaccessibility issue and also help you to access Rockspace_ext in a hassle-free manner. Let us begin.

Troubleshooting Rockspace AC1200 Extender Inaccessibility Issue

To get the issue fixed, there are a few points that you need to check. Also, you will need to follow some troubleshooting steps. To know more about it, stick to reading.

Things to be Checked:

A few things need to be verified to ensure everything is in place with your Rockspace AC1200. This is also to narrow down to get to the reason behind the router network inaccessibility. Here is the list to be checked:

  • Internet network- Be certain that you are receiving a proper internet network from your ISP.

  • Power supply– Power outages or poor power supply may not let your Rockspace extender access the router network.

  • Connecting cables– Check all the cables connecting to the devices. Make sure that all are inserted in the right manner into their respective ports. Apart from this, verify that there is no damage on any of these. Getting the damaged cable replaced is the best option.

  • Extender–Router Distance- Having an appropriate distance between both devices is recommended. If the distance is more, then Rockspace AC1200 extender will not be able to receive the signal from the router. On the other hand, if the distance reduces, there are chances of signal interference.

  • Rockspace AC1200 placement- Have you placed your Rockspace extender or router at a place from where it is hard to access the network? Avoid placing your device in corners, basements, attics, etc. A suitable place to keep your extender or router is a central and higher place in the house.

After you have checked all the above factors, you should be able to get the issue fixed. However, if you see that your Rockspace extender is still unable to access the router network then go to the next procedure.

Troubleshooting Hacks for Rockspace AC1200 Extender:

  1. Restart Rockspace AC1200 Extender

Unplug your extender from its wall socket. Take out all the cables which are also connected to it. Wait for some time. Connect back all the cables. Turn on the power supply to the extender. Check if now AC1200 can access the router network.

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  1. Change Router Settings

It may be so that router is encrypted with WEP or WPA. Simply change the encryption type to WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK. After this again try to access its network. You should be able to do so. If you are failing again, we have one more troubleshooting hack for you.

  1. Reset Rockspace AC1200 Extender

Now, it is time to finally reset your Rockspace WiFi range extender. Look for the Reset button on your device. Press it as well as reset is done. Now, your extender is also restored with default factory settings.

  1. Reconfigure Extender

After you have performed Rockspace AC1200 reset, it is essential to set it up again. Using an Ethernet cable, connect your extender to the router and then perform the setup process. Refer to the user manual, in case you do not know how this can be done.

Final Note

Once you are done with Rockspace AC1200 WiFi range extender setup process, place it at an appropriate location. We are very optimistic that your Rockspace extender would now be able to access your home network or router without any fuss.

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