Digital Marketing a bunch of algorithms has a lot of techniques involved. Every Marketing promotion you do, not only should help in generating company revenue for your business but also should maintain your brand establishment.

Recently Google has confirmed a core December algorithm update, and we don’t know the impact what can be happen next. It might be effect Google or any other search engine, and Quality content is the saviour of the day. Guest post link building is one of those techniques that helps in increasing visibility and boost your website traffic by 3X times than the usual link building techniques. We will present you the website real-time experience of how to publish content on a worthy rich guest post website and top 10 guest blogging websites for digital marketing.

What is Guest Blogging?

This is not a new in publication strategy in online promotion. All that I want to make you more clear with a usual Wikipedia definition not in Wikipedia way but my own words. Usually publishing information with piece of content on your website is a blog but your content posted on other websites who own by other blogger with the permission of the website owner is a guest blog.

Goals of Guest Blogging 

  • Increase quality traffic of website
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase online website presence
  • Increase your website Trust Flow

The very first thing is your content that you start is identifying your niche related guest blogs and finding opportunities in them. Your goal for starting guest blogging should be for gaining website authority. This can only be done when you research and link your website with high authority, high traffic websites. Again relevance should not be forgotten. Some useful tips of publishing guest blogs:

  • Boost quality traffic to your website
  • Increasing web brand awareness
  • Increase in web presence and influence
  • Adding quality links to your link building profile

Placing high-quality copy escape content on the guest post websites will help you reach these goals.

Web Designing Guest Blogging Sites


What type of Content is Accepted in Guest Post Sites?

100% Unique and Original

Blog owners and bloggers always show interest in fresh written content. You should never forget this major point. Not only readers but bot search engines also prefer fresh and unique content. If you are not able to produce any unique content, what is the point for your readers and search engines to visit the blog.

Well Strategies

As we discussed earlier about, unique content is always respected. Discussion about a robust web strategy will force the guest post site to accept the content. Strategies about Search engine promotion, social media marketing, strategies based on analytics tools and many others can make your content get published quickly. Remember, do not copy the existing strategy. Unique will always win


Powerful Structured

The content you create is not a suspense thriller. Instead, not being very clear will only hurt your reputation and finally lead to got rejection. The meaning of well-structured content is not very lengthy but is organized properly and connected correctly. So the search engine and users can understand easily. Establishing a connection between the content and search engine is presenting your information in order like:

  • Perfect headline
  • Dazzling multimedia
  • Perfect link structure
  • Meaningful subheadings
  • Good Conclusion

Strong Research of Content

Digital marketing promotion is all about research success depends on how good you have experimented. Research content is hard to obtain but effective, but this type of content is easily accepted.

Case Studies on demand

Success stories will always come in demand. Marketers or Readers will be enthusiastic about reading case studies and types of business as they can apply to their marketing strategies. These are now in demand for growth, and there are no much comprehensive case studies in the market. This is now the chance to build a case study and publish.

Things considered about a guest post proposal website before sending a request 

Moz Rank

This is another SEO major ranking factor given by Moz for a online website. It suggests website link’s popularity. Based on the quality link profile Moz rates a website from 0 to 10. 10 as an excellent and 0 as a poor website.


Domain Authority

This is the most buzzing word now in the world of online digital marketing. Domain authority power of a website in search engine helps you understand the strength of a website. It is a score given by MOZ web based on its algorithm on how well your site can perform on search engines. It is rated from 0 to 100. An authoritative website is given the higher number. Usually, a more than 40+ DA website is considered to be a trustworthy website. So when researching for a guest post website, high domain authority website is your priority.

Quick Tip: If you are looking to build a only link building profile, then only considering DA and publishing the content can get you more visibility on search engines.

Quick tip: Considering 4.5 to 6 can be suggestable to a guest post site.

Organic Traffic

Popularity is always crucial hard to get in every industry. One way of defining the popularity of a website is its organic traffic. As you are searching for a guest post site, organic traffic is very much essential.

Quick Tip: Ideal organic traffic to a choose a guest post site is having above 6000 monthly visitors to a website 

Alexa Rank

Alexa rank is another major keywords ranking factor provided by amazon alexa based on web traffic. It is a global ranking system given to all over websites. Popular websites have the lowest rank top in Google. The rank for a website is given globally and also native country ranking.
Quick tip: Always consider the recent website DA decrease in the ranking, in traffic metric of Alexa for guest post website and decide.  

Engagement on Social Media

If Search engine optimization (SEO)is the heart of business promotion, social media is the body (SMO). The influence of social media marketing is enormous in the digital marketing industry. According to statistics, 2.95 billion online people are using social media until 2019. This number is expected goes increase significantly near future. So then what parameters in social media are considered for a online guest post website?. Here are some list of things considered

  • Facebook Followers
  • Instagram Fans
  • Twitter Followers
  • Youtube Subscribers

Note: Prepare sheet for all this and list out each and every parameter before sending a request.

How to Get Acceptance for a Guest Post?

Now that you almost understood the best practices for choosing a guest post site. Lets understand the best practices to pitch for a guest post

Stick to the better acceptance Guidelines

Every guest post website you visit has their own guidelines for publishing content. Guideline may include points like

  • Length of the content
  • Structure of the content
  • Limitation on Number of anchored links in the content
  • Restriction on topics

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