People are visiting in Gurgaon which is Gurugram best City in NCR

While visiting in Gurgaon they want to stay and spend good time at good palace here in this article we gonna tell you that which palace are best for you to spend you good time in Gurgaon.

Best Mall in Gurgaon

Well there are more then 50+ malls in Gurgaon which are good and you can spend time there but every mall has there own special feature which makes them occasionally different some mall in Gurgaon are good for kids while some mall in Gurgaon for couples are invented while some mall in Gurgaon for family and last one mall in Gurgaon for couples.

All these malls are having their own speciality on which basis we keep then in a different different category.

first of all, I would like to recommend you best mall in Gurgaon

Airia Mall in Gurgaon

This is the mall which you can visit and I am damn sure that once you visit the mall you will praise the beauty of this mall. The Airia Mall is best mall in Gurgaon people visit here and they spend much more time in this mall as compared to other malls. You can find the best view from the Airia mall  Gurgaon you can get both the urban and rural style environment in Airia mall.

Designing of Airia Mall

The infrastructure and designing of the Airia Mall is made up to attractive that its feel like you are in a palace of lightning you can assume that you are spending the night in mall cause of too much lightning.



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