Kedarkantha is a mountain peak of the Himalayan range in the northern state of Uttarakhand in India. It is alighted at 12,500 ft of altitude. Kedarkantha is situated within Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarkashi district.

The Kedarkantha trek is considered one of the best winter treks in India. Kedarkantha is a prominent Himalayan peak alighted at Govind wildlife sanctuary in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, evaluated at approximately 3812 meters above sea level.

The trek begins from a village named sankri, following the dense oak forests and Rhododendron, the iced Lake, and finally a hike to snowy and chilly conditions to the final trek destination. At the site the most prominent peaks of Bandarpoonch, Kalang, Swargarohini, etc are visible, providing a mesmerizing view of serene natural beauty.

Best time to visit Kedarkantha

Kedarkantha has chilly weather throughout the year but in December, January, February, and March you can witness snowfalls in the region. Making it appropriate for snow treks across the mountain. During this time the region of Kedarkantha becomes colder due to the dropping of temperature below the freezing point.

Trekking at Kedarkantha for beginners

Kedarkantha is effortlessly one of the most popular treks in India — popular among seasoned trekkers and amateurs alike during the winter season.

There are various reasons why it is a very prominent trek to do in the Indian Himalayas.  The most significant of them is this — the summit climb.

The summit climb of Kedarkantha is a very rewarding one for trekkers.  Right from the base camp of the trek, the summit hovers a massive range.  As you initiate your trek in the early hours of the morning and steadily climb up the abrupt slope of snow, the world opens up across you. The entire stretch is increasingly steeper.  As you reap nearer to the summit, it gets complicated as well. Love to travel then you can also see Jibhi tirtha valley.

There are even various lush green forests amidst the way that increases the beauty of the place and increases the enthralling feelings among the trekkers.

As you extend yourself and take in the views of the Himalayas from the summit, you feel a robust sense of contentment and accomplishment. This is a mesmerizing and splendid feeling.

The trek is also popular among beginners to enjoy some challenging experiences and lose yourself in the natural beauty and tranquility.

Camping at Kedarkantha

Camping means spending some time in the lap of nature to forget all the stress and chaos of life.

The people who are visiting for the first time can relish the camping experience at Kedarkantha. Enjoy your stay in between prominent mountain ranges. The campfire in the snow-clad surroundings adds to the beauty of the place.

The Juda-Ka-Talab campsite sets in a clearing surrounded by giant pine trees, the Kedarkantha Base campsite is on an open meadow with snow-covered mountain ranges all around, and the Hargaon camp is again on an alley of pines and oaks. It is basically as if each one of them contends with the other in their beautiful setting.

Other activities

Enjoy sightseeing at kedarkantha,  relish the snow-covered spaces and realize the child inside you and play in the snow. Even while driving to the site you will get to witness amazing places such as Mussoorie, Nowgaon, Purola, Mori, and Natwar. It is a remote route so wonderful that it is one of the most impressive drives in the Indian Himalayas. Trekkers are especially required to watch out for the section after Purola right until Sankri, the base camp. You can even enjoy the experience of skiing at the site and relish the excitement in your nerves.

You can even enjoy some time in the hamlet of Sankri where you can enjoy some traditional stories and feel closer to the traditions and cultures of the place. The hospitality offered by the inhabitants will make you speechless.

The best thing regarding Kedarkantha Trek is that it furnishes endless opportunities to have fun and opens enormous avenues for amateurs.


Trekking in the lap of nature and witnessing some most amazing locations will give you some precise experience.  Along with making some memories to treasure.

And if the destination is kedarkantha, the trek can be adventurous, exciting, and filled with the most bewitching locations. The jaw-dropping locations can catch you off guard due to their splendid beauty. Treks in kedarkantha tend to provide a safe and sound experience where you can enjoy to the fullest away from all the hectic lifestyle and enjoy the real beauty of nature.

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