Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, is known for its traditions. As for Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, the city has been sufficiently elucidated as a vibrant culinary hub. This city, right here, has got various types of food spreading all over the restaurants, offering different cuisines.


Riyadh is quickly gaining its ground as a hot spot for great dining experiences because of the rising popularity of exceptional cuisines. Making the best choice of restaurants in Riyadh is greatly influenced by a lot of factors.


To arrive at the top 2 best restaurants in Riyadh which offer the best food quality, friendly and effective service, pleasant environment and customer-oriented procedures, we have dwelled on five various categories.


A visit to each restaurant within the catalogue brings you face-to-face with the best the mark has to offer in terms of delicacy, presentation and taste.

In the same way, during our restaurant night, we had a special meal for the iftar, understanding how this is culturally significant during Ramadan.


Top 2 Best Restaurants in Riyadh


1.  Richoux Restaurant – Best Restaurants in Riyadh


The high-to-bottom Edelweiss Restaurant is in the capital of Saudi Arabia.” Riyadh. It is a ranked restaurant in the most refined dining environment in a glamorous setting and it is one of the best restaurants in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 


The eatery is devoted to preparing a variety of tasty and sophisticated dishes, which add value to them and they serve those with some attentiveness to the human factor as well as luxurious environment. Richoux tends to be full of praise for its culinary skills, so it becomes a perfect spot for those who cannot live without a decent meal even in Riyadh.


It would be worthwhile to remember that individual opinions about the best restaurants can be misleading, affected by people’s choices, and involved in their experiences. Riyadh Street has sparking culinary scenes for the taste of a lot of people and it has various options of restaurants to eat from. Nevertheless, the principles in this restaurant and the comments of customers have made this a fantastic eating place in town.


Richoux Restaurant is one of the many spots where you can have a dining experience out of the ordinary, but it is worth eating if you wish to impress a person or want to have a great dinner.


2.  Maiz


The Maiz Restaurant is a well-known dining place where they serve Mexican food based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. One of its specs is a restaurant that discloses the dining experience with beautiful and memorable memories. People have acknowledged this restaurant as one of the best in the city.


The theme of Maiz, which mainly represents the original Saudi cuisine with the elements of newness, is to serve cultural foods with our great culinary heritage of the area. Maiz Kitchen creates mouth-watering combinations by using top-notch ingredients and the best of the best ingredients. These unique and tasty dishes aim to leave an unforgettable impression on our guests.


This is due to the sense of warmth and welcome that a café offers, in combination with attentive waiters that make the dining room the perfect place to hang out with loved ones. The decoration of Maiz restaurant contains modern elements mixed with traditional Saudi esthetics, which contribute to the ambience.


It does not matter whether you would like to try traditional or modern dishes of Saudi cuisine, Restaurant ‘Maiz’ in Riyadh will impress you strongly by serving a true taste of the city and its vibrant food culture.

Best Restaurant in Riyadh for Iftar

   During Ramadan, iftar holds great cultural significance in Riyadh.

   Our top pick for the best restaurant in Riyadh for Iftar is RICHOUX.

   This restaurant offers a variety of traditional dishes, special Ramadan-themed events, and promotions.

   The atmosphere is perfect for creating cherished memories during the iftar.




Riyadh’s culinary scene continues to thrive, offering exceptional dining experiences to its residents and visitors. Richoux is the best restaurant in Riyadh, you can embark on a culinary journey like no other. Join us on this adventure and share your own experiences in the diverse and vibrant world of Riyadh’s culinary delights. Don’t forget to comment with your favourite Riyadh restaurant and follow our blog for more culinary adventures.




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