1. Learned both native android development and hybrid mobile app development (react-native) from youtube. You can learn whatever you want (frontend, backend, mobile, full-stack). There are a lot of free resources out there and they are really worth it.
  2. Learned basics of DSA from coding ninjas and then from Programming Pathshala for advanced problem-solving. Nowadays there are free resources for DSA as well on youtube.
  3. Started solving interview focussed selective questions from Leetcode, GFG, and Codechef. Never sat for any competitive coding challenge as my goal was to crack interviews not to become a competitive coder. (If you do competitive coding then it will definitely add on).
  4. For selective questions, you can solve the DSA sheet by love Babbar. It is a really awesome sheet with interview focussed questions.
  5. Start giving interviews once you have solved at least 60% of the questions.
  6. Never be afraid of rejection. Get rejected and this will make your fear of rejection go away. This will also help you to get familiarised with the interview process and will build confidence.
  7. Once you become confident you will start to crack interviews with ease.

    For applying for Software Engineering Jobs. Apply in the following sites:

    1. Cutshort
    2. Instahyre
    3. Bigshyft
    4. Linkedin
    5. Through referrals.

Edit 2:

I am not an active writer on quora. I never had thought that I will get a response like this on my answer. I do understand most of you who are trying to get into good product-based companies, once I was in your shoes.

Believe me, I have been an average student all my life. I don’t have any special talents. It’s not like I can solve any DSA question without getting stuck. Even now I am not able to solve many hard-level questions in the most optimized way.

If I can do it you all can do it as well and maybe in a much better way.

It doesn’t matter if you are from any branch you can still become a good Software Developer. It doesn’t matter if you are working in a service based company, you can easily switch anytime. Day before yesterday one of my close friends bagged an opportunity of 11LPA in a product based organization, he was working in a service based firm since 1 year.

Those who can afford paid courses can surely join them. It will benefit you.

For free DSA courses :

DSA sheet to solve (by Love Babbar):

For learning languages and tech stack :

Start appearing for the interviews. Make your attitude like “Jyada se jyada kya hoga? reject honge!”

Solve at least 60% of the questions on the DSA sheet and start giving interviews. Don’t wait to become perfect. You will never become perfect. No one is perfect. Face the interviews (battle). It doesn’t matter if you get rejected, at least you will become familiar with the interview process and will be more prepared for the next company’s interview.

It is okay to see the solution if you get stuck anytime. But make sure that you understand it and in the future, if the same question or same type of question gets repeated then you must solve it without getting stucked.

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