When you start a new venture, a business card plays a vital role in the publicity of your newly established enterprise. It circulates from one person to another and provides you the needed recognition.  

Enhance your business wherever you go in style with attractively printed business cards. A well-designed business can do wonders and draw the attention of your clients. 

Varieties of cards  

There is a wide range of cards suitable for every business type. You can choose the card that complements your line of work appropriately. Some of the diverse cards are mentioned below: 

1) Raised spot business cards 

Raised spot business cards are contrasting than the standard business cards. These cards are printed with a special spot UV process in which a coating of UV ink is applied on the cards on the specified areas of design.  

The layer of UV ink is 50 microns higher than the nearby surface which allows you to feel them with your finger. Your card gets a fascinating texture that highlights your business logo, image, name wherever the raised spot UV ink is applied.  

Raised spot business cards are prominent for businesses of all sizes.  

2) Embossed business cards

This type of card delivers a high level of professionalism and premium-ness. Embossing does give not only your card an eye-catching effect but also creates a superior look and feel. It adds class and weight to your card. It allows you to highlight the most important elements of your design. 

Picking and the embossed business card is a wise choice to stand out from the crowd as it looks completely different from other types of cards. In this digital age where almost anything can be done digitally, a tactile experience of embossed paper can become a unique point of your card. It gives your recipients a memorable physical feel, and thus, your business can easily be recalled when they require your products and services. 

3) Standard premium cards 

A business card needs to represent your brand and provide contact information. It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or a company with many branches across different continents, a standard business card is a must for your business. It carries your company’s identity in a small piece of paper, and it’s the first thing to hand out or attach in the mail to your potential customers. 

You can hardly go wrong with a standard type of card as it’s efficient enough for all kinds of business meetings. So, if you don’t have time to work with business card makers or to grapple with different complicated designs, go with a standard one. It’s a safe option for almost everyone. 

 4) Trade business cards

People from trade usually carry their cards. If you are into the making of plastic business cards there usually provided to your competitors, financiers suppliers, or providers. These types of business cards are an epitome of a particular trade and represent their owners in a very sharp and dapper way. The design should represent the occupation of the person. 

5) Folded business cards

Folded business cards, like standard business cards, have the same size but have twice the space. Business cards have been the standard for exchanging contact details with potential customers or business partners. Even in the digital age where social media exists, business cards are still used. It simply has a more personal connection when business cards are exchanged physically. 

Usually, business cards contain your brand, name, contact number, and email. Some people include additional information about their business at the back of the business cards. However, with a standard business card, there is limited space to what you can include. With folded business cards, you can get twice the space, allowing you to add more information. 

You can use that space by putting your services or directions to your store, or even an image that can grab the attention of potential customers. The design possibilities make folded business cards sought after by graphic designers, teachers, photographers, and restaurants. 


A business card can make or break a deal with your potential clients. It is advisable to always select the type and design of your card according to your requirements and of course budget. Having the card that links with your enterprise reflects your professionalism and reliability with your company.


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