Direct selling, multi-level marketing and network marketing are terms used to describe a dynamic industry in which many entrepreneurial people take risks to earn extra income by promoting the products and services of third-party companies.

A person often enters this business because of the promise of an ever-increasing financial return as they work in the business for several years.

They often get into the business레깅스룸 through a friend who signed them up, someone they talked to at a trade show booth, or the very product they heard about and wanted to try; they are first customers, then affiliates.

Starting a business like this is undeniably hard work, especially in the beginning when you have to learn the art of selling to others face to face.

This is something that many dread and often after buying something and paying upfront for some “starter kit” and trying to reach your basic monthly quota to get paid each month (which often means that in the beginning you buy large amounts of the product to reach your required basic monthly quotas – sound familiar?

But some of you persevere. You persevere because you are stubborn and refuse to give up or because the goal is too important for your future. MLM pushes you to do face-to-face selling more than online selling because it is face-to-face that potential buyers can see your passion for the product, which improves your chances of making the sale.

Also, the company doesn’t want to get a bad reputation by having thousands of wannabe product sellers on the internet spamming tens of thousands of people trying to make a sale, because it’s easier to get results that way, impersonally, than to get in front of someone and sell to them – one on one – face to face.

So they regularly put in place very strict rules about what you can and cannot do online when representing your company – and who can blame them – it’s your brand that you represent.

By selling online, you can get rid of some of the fears associated with “face-to-face selling”, the new cold selling prospects become much less stressful, you can automate a lot of what you do, the work isn’t as labor- and time-intensive, and you can simultaneously ship your business to many countries without leaving your armchair at home.


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