The three-in-one line includes HTL’s ground-breaking Low Profile Hydraulic Ratchet Wrench. Although it can be used for a variety of tasks, this low profile torque wrench, excels in those requiring tight clearance.

One of the most cutting-edge pieces of torque tooling created to date, this premium tool is extremely durable and constructed from the best materials. This guarantees that the operator using the Thermal treatment Low Face can exchange these attachments with many other well-known brands in addition to using additional attachments from the removable range.

This tool is very sturdy and simple to use because of its creative design and the premium materials used to make it. The tool, which was created and produced in the UK, has a twelve-month warranty and complete Eu and ATEX approval.

For increased operator security, Adsorbent has created a low-profile pneumatic Allen wrench with an intuitive, flexible handle that can be quickly attached. By removing the need to grasp the instrument itself, this portable, strong accessory helps protect against injuries like trapped fingers. Additionally included as standard with the Thermal treatment Low Profile Fluid Torque Wrench is a link pin protector.

Overview of the main characteristics

low profile torque wrenches with a flexible cassette: A maximum of eight cassettes with various A/F can be controlled by a single-cylinder unit of the hydraulic torque wrench.

The mechanism for rapid change the “Rapid-AND-GO” connection between the cylinder and cassette enables quick and simple manual interchange. For the exchange, no additional tools are needed.

Reduced head radiuses and an exceptionally low-profile design guarantee light and compact tool dimensions. On-site handling is made possible by this. For all bolting applications, reduced V e head radiuses are desirable. Additionally, the tube fitting standards are created to work with the mechanical screwdriver type M o.

Small Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Mechanical properties are used to create the KLCD low-profile torque wrench, which gives it a stronger and more durable construction. With a precise structure and long lifespan, the operating head and fulcrum of the KLCD low profile hydraulic wrench are coaxial. Various working heads can be matched with one energy head.

KLCD slim hydraulic torque wrench has great accuracy and a torque repetition of 3 percent of the overall while operating smoothly under the pressure of part of this procedure. It can be operated more easily in any tight location thanks to the 360 degrees by 180◦ c rotating joint. With a very wide torque range from 237Nm to 85000Nm, there are 11 different types of KLCD tight tolerances wrenches.

Wooden boxes and aluminum plastic boxes are double-layered in the packaging of KLCD low-clearance mechanical torque wrenches. KLCD wrenches are readily available from in big quantities and may be delivered right away. There are two ways to ship a package these days: time and manner.

The HP Low Profile Hydraulic Torque Wrenches are lightweight, adjustable tools with a high starting torque output. With 5 different models, you may choose an HP Low Clearance – Small Profile Wrench to meet your user demands.


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