In general, leather shoes available in the market are made of full-grain leather, patent leather, oiled and waxed leather and nubuck or suede leather, etc.

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Among the above categories, suede and nubuck shoes are soft leathers that are very soft and smooth. They should be treated with gentler care tactics than other leather shoes.

All varieties of men’s shoes need to be cleaned, brushed, and shined. They also need techniques to remove moisture, enhance water resistance and add the finishing touch to improve the shine of the entire outer surface of the shoes.

Cleaning: For full-grain leather shoes, use a dry cloth to wipe the surface of the leather. Then moisten the cloth with warm water and wipe it gently again. This is enough, you can now leave the shoes to dry at normal room temperature. Appliances such as dryers or heaters should not be used, as they dry out the contents of the leather. Use the same procedure for oiled leather and waxed bee leather, but apply a cleaner after wiping with a dry cloth. For patent leather surfaces, using a damp cloth with a shampoo or soap cleaner, followed by the application of a cleaner, will give better results. For suede and nubuck, use a rubber eraser to remove dirt, then use a goat hair brush to gently clean the entire surface.

Brushing: There are a variety of brushes available for brushing dirt from your shoes. Boar, horse, and goat hair brushes are commonly used to clean shoes. Boar bristles are stiffer than horsehair brushes, so you can use the boar hair brush first. Once the visible dirt is removed, use the horsehair brush to further clean the surface. Finally, finish with a goat hairbrush, which has soft and tender bristles. Do not brush continuously along the length of the shoe or across it. Change direction frequently, otherwise, the shine of the shoe surface will diminish.

Polishing: This is the technique used to make shoes shine. Besides, if you use the right polishing substance, it can also make the shoe water-resistant. It is very important to choose the right polish for your shoes. The use of heavily waxed, heavily oiled waxes and waxes mixed with toxic chemicals should be avoided as these products reduce the life of your shoes. You can also mix sodium bentonite with your shoe polish to make your shoes water-resistant.


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