When someone uses or reads about the term challenge army challenge coins they cannot get a clear picture of what it is. Most people assume that a challenge coin is just a coin. However in reality these special types of coins add a historic and sentimental value that cannot be associated with any other object.

The coins can also be put on display for depicting a connection with a particular event. Some people also wear challenge coins as a necklace, embroidered in the keychain, use as paperweights, and even attach on coffee mugs.

The origin of challenge coins is much debated and most believe the fact that these coins emerged during the First World War. The tradition first began in the United States Army service. During this time several volunteers were joining the US army. It was recommended by one of the service lieutenants to prepare solid medallions. The coins were manufactured and given to the soldiers.

Increasing Trend Of Custom Challenge Coins

The coins were usually gold plated and had engravings of the squadron’s insignia. Custom challenge coins also hold a great sentimental and patriotic value. The coins were given to each of the pilots in the squadron. 

The most popular types of army challenge coins were from the various branches of the united forces like the Navy, Marine Corps, army, police, and air force. Each of these coins was based on different designs, shapes, and colors to represent the different branches of the police and army.

custom challenge coins

These medallions are a lot more valuable than one can imagine. Usually, they are very cheap and can be easily purchased for a few dollars but the sentimental value is priceless. Military challenge coins should always be protected and kept inside protective display cases. It helps in protecting the coin against scratches. At present, there are different international conflicts, and the family members of the armies in the front line have decided to treasure army challenge coins as they represent the memories of their loved ones.

How Challenge Coins Are Used Today

If you are looking for a way to make your custom challenge coins such that it may stand out in the crowd then you may want to consider about making selection about attractive edge to fit in into your design.

Things to keep in mind for custom Coin

  • color

  • uniqueness

  • shape

  • edging

  • thickness

  • coating

  • 3D

  • aesthetics

As discussed before the original purpose of the challenge coin was to recognize the outstanding act of the Special Forces. It served as a way of boosting their morale and recognizing their work. At the present challenge, coins are used by law enforcement, rescue units, fire department, police, and the military.

The popularity of Challenge Coins Today

Army challenge coins are used to represent strong ties and unity between members of the same organization, family, or military unit. It is now extensively used for celebrating events, representing unity among employees, spreading awareness programs, and in the armed forces. Academic institutions, weddings, church groups, scout troops also use challenge coins. The popularity of custom challenge coins has increased significantly as it allows people to design coins to make them suitable for a particular organization or club. 

tradition of custom challenge coins

Custom challenge coins have also become popular in the corporate world. While the circumstances surrounding the receiving and giving of this coin in the corporate world are very much different than combat situations. It is used for signifying noticeable accomplishment and superb dedication.

Discovering the trend general interest organizations adopted them to honor employees who have made certain achievements.  The carrying of challenging coins is considered a matter of pride for those presented with the coin. It still carries the tradition of challenging someone who has done a good gesture for the betterment of their institution or troop. The person with the most significant challenge coin is respected among a group. 

challenger the coin

Businesses have also started using challenge coins for building their brands among potential customers and across markets. The brand symbolizes what the organization stands for. Brand building is accomplished through marketing materials like websites, logos, stationery, and other objects.

Challenge coins provide distinctive recognition for organizations and clubs. Companies that have already established their brand in the usual market are constantly looking for unique ways to stand out in the crowd. Army challenge coins serve as an excellent tool for marketing and branding products and services. It helps in building loyalty, unity, and integrity within the organization.


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