Logistics vs Shipping

A lot of people use the terms shipping and logistics interchangeably; however this is not the same thing. Shipping is just movement of goods from one place to the other; it can be same shopping which is meant for fast movement of goods or hazmat shipping which involves transport of dangerous goods. Now, coming to logistics- this is a wider term as it not only entails movement of goods from one place to another it encompasses other areas such as warehousing, handling of material, packaging and many more things. All these areas are integrated in order to reduce operational costs and enhance overall business operations.

The prime difference between logistics and shipping is of scale and scope. Logistics is basically on a much larger scale than shipping. As a matter of fact logistics happen to be the most vital element of supply chain management. Any successful business requires both these aspects for efficient operations.

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Scope of shipping

Sending out parcels from one point to another has become need of the hour. In fact with advent of online shopping, there has been huge rise in shipping. Now people prefer goods being shipped to their address due to sheer convenience and ease. This has actually made easy the load on people who get goods right at their doorstep. Shipping can be both commercial and non-commercial transport of goods by means of land, air or water. In usually entails transport of small quantity of goods.

All about logistics Services

Logistics is basically a process of transporting the goods across supply chain of any company. This procedure comprises of different functions which need to be managed properly in order to bring out effectiveness as well as good organization to supply chain of an organization.

Elements of logistics

  1. Order processing: It is the task that is very important in the functioning of logistics operations. This is the document that encompasses complete description of product which has to be delivered to buyer. It also contains other related information which has been agreed between buyer of the product and the supplier.
  2. Inventory control: This is done in order to keep a tab on inventories of the company so that there are no last minute hustles and requirements of the customers are duly met.
  3. Warehousing: Warehousing is a term which means storing of the finished goods till the time they are finally sold to the final customer. This holds a very significant role in logistics operations. 

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So, basically this is the prime difference between logistics and shipping. You can hire a company which does everything as per your requirement. Go for a reliable vendor and you will not have a problem in smooth running of your business. A lot of people hire third party logistic services. This saves them a lot of expenditure and at the same time they can concentrate on areas which need their attention and focus.


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