When we’re starting to build up our skincare routine, the origin of the products is a big factor as every country has distinct offerings. And when it comes to homegrown and organic brands, India is becoming increasingly popular for their all-natural blends and beauty recipes that have been passed down for generations. 

The flourishing beauty industry of India is famous for using natural ingredients like aloe vera, rose water, coconut oil, clay, and more. You can find these ingredients in almost every brand with products for traditional beauty care. 

Besides, more and more beauty enthusiasts are becoming aware of the benefits of using chemical-free products, especially millennials, who are now making conscious decisions instead of following the trends or doing impulsive buying. 

According to the specialists at Dermatologist Singapore, natural skincare products are better for our skin and health as well as the environment. Since there are no harsh chemicals involved, they said that there’ll be less risk of skin irritation, toxic smells, or any other harmful side effects. 

So, to achieve healthy, glowing, and radiant skin, here are some Indian skincare brands that you need on your beauty shelf! 

  1. Biotique 

Biotique is one of the most famous skincare brands in India that offer a divine yet affordable skincare range. Each of their products showcases a brilliant mixture of traditional Ayurveda ingredients with modern biotechnology. 

Their skincare treatments aim to eliminate skin problems instead of covering them up. Their bestsellers include serums for all skin types, night treatment creams, oil makeup cleansers, natural body washes, and so much more! 

Aside from these skincare products, they also recently launched their all-natural makeup collection that’ll bring out the best in you while nourishing your skin! 

All of their products are made of 100% active botanicals and without any chemicals or preservatives — even the packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable! 

  1. Shahnaz Husain 

Shahnaz Husain is one of the pioneers of organic skincare products in India. Their products are known for containing herbal and therapeutic formulas for solving skin concerns. 

Most of the ingredients they use are herbs, flowers, fruit extracts, essential oils, minerals, and other natural substances. They also use Ayurvedic compositions as the specialty of their brand. 

They have specific skincare selections for anti-aging effects as well as for moisturizing and cleansing the skin. As you can see on their product range, they’re detail-oriented when developing their collections. 

They also have a herbal range for treating skin problems, a flower botanic range for restoring natural beauty, an oxygen range for deep cleansing, a sun range for preventing sun-damaged skin, and many more!

  1. Neemli Naturals

If you’re looking for organic and non-toxic serums, Neemli Naturals has a great range to offer. Their serums hydrate and brighten up the skin as well — perfect to eliminate any signs of tiredness. 

This startup brand is based in Mumbai and known for introducing long-term skin benefits through sustainably sourced, safe, and effective products. 

What makes them different from other brands is that their products are handmade, vegan, and cruelty-free — which is quite rare in most beauty brands. 

They have a complete skincare package featuring face scrubs, face oils, creams, lotions, and more! They’ve also been featured on various magazine publications like Vogue and GQ! 

  1. Purearth 

For India’s most luxurious collections, Purearth offers well-curated and award-winning face and body care products containing organic ingredients from the Himalayas — packaged with glossy and posh cases! 

Their skincare line focuses on celebrating natural beauty and that’s why their products are made to revitalize, soothe, and heal. 

They have facial mists, creams, oils, and so much more! You must try one of their best sellers, the exfoliant face masque for deep cleansing that’ll give you fresh and radiant skin! 

Their products are hand-blended and come in micro-batches with French violet glass cases to preserve the bio-active energy of the premium ingredients — ensuring that you’ll have high-quality additions to your regular routine. 

  1. Himalaya Herbals

Among all the mentioned brands, Himalaya Herbals has the most extensive array of collections — ranging from skincare up to nutrition care. Himalaya Herbals is a trusted brand recognized for using eco-friendly practices and providing herbal skincare solutions. 

Among their derma care selections, you can find an anti-acne face wash gel that can heal wounds and acne scars. They also have cream and face masks that are specially made to prevent acne breakouts and remove acne marks. 

So, if you’re having severe acne problems, you should definitely try their anti-acne kit! 


With the rise of all-natural skincare products, finding the right routine suitable for your skin type has become much easier. Just try the ones we mentioned above and you’ll be sure to find a nice, organic solution to your skin woes.

Have you already tried using any of the brands/products mentioned above? And which one would you like to add on your current morning/night skincare routine? Let us know!


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