As spring rolls around, most homeowners start a yearly cleaning series that includes, but is not limited to, AC maintenance. Since global warming has taken over our earth, air conditioning is one of the necessities every home needs. But during all the Maintenance, most homeowners forget simple tasks that may, later on, be heavy on their pockets. If you are a resident in or around Atlanta, you’ve probably known about heating, and air conditioning service in Atlanta as the summer is right around the corner.

People make mistakes while painting the system themselves. some of them are simple and they skip the mind easily. Anyhow, for one way or another, here are a few mistakes you could make during AC Maintenance.

Annual System Service

homeowners can learn online tutorials about cleaning AC unit’s coils and fins and air duct cleaning in Atlanta quickly. But they most probably forget to mention a system check, which homeowners should perform annually.

Do You Have a Programmable Thermostat?

Today superhumans are not those who have powers or wear capes but those who control most things. Like that, a thermostat is a tool that controls the temperature. thermostats are programmable and save very much. nowadays, thermostats are controlled via smartphones. You can even program different scenarios for temperature control. So now the one who holds a smartphone (and is smart) got all the power.

Thermostat Setting, Too Low?

Some of the heating and air conditioning service in Atlanta mentions that people don’t even bother to change the thermostat’s low setting for some reason. We know, and even research shows the capability of a human body to adapt to hot or cool temperatures pretty quickly. Like in a week or two, you can pretty much adapt to changes in temperature. Here you should consider increasing temperature as for every degree in temperature increase. You would probably save up to 3% off your AC bill. Plus, with less use, there is a low negative impact.

Not using fans, are you?

Some people, along with air conditioning, also use different types of fans. It helps to circulate cool air around the rooms, which removes some burden from your AC system. As the temperature rises, you should turn the fan control counterclockwise, increasing the summer’s airflow and keeping everyone calm.

Poorly Positioned Thermostat or Vent

Vents and thermostat’s position can result in misreadings that could crank up your AC even when the place is cool. It happens when direct sunlight or a lamp constantly illuminates the thermostat resulting in a spike in readings. It occurs during the day, especially if you are not at home. Heating and air condition service in Atlanta warns its customers against this issue.  you are paying more for extra energy usage to save some buck. Block vents to limit air circulation.

Cooling Empty Rooms

What can be a wastage of energy than to cool your room? Cooling an empty room!. If AC vents open in every room of your house, you’re chilling on a lot of space that may not be in use on a day-to-day basis. You can walk around and close those AC vents that open into unoccupied rooms. Closing closet doors can also ensure those spaces aren’t swallowing your cold air.

You Don’t Have Blinds or Curtains.

Experts say you’ll be shielding your space from the sun’s direct heat if you’re using blinds or sliding curtains. Since bright sunlight is your AC system’s one true nemesis.  it better to give your thermostat a proper offensive shield in the form of curtains and blinds.

HVAC Maintenance – What You Need to Leave to the Pros

HVAC systems are inspected periodically to keep them working. especially when homeowners opt Air duct cleaning in Atlanta services Other than the things you’ve done wrong or missed, here are few things you should leave to professionals.

  • Sizing your new air conditioning system

When new air conditioning installations need to be done for your home, estimating size by yourself can result in you buying an HVAC system that is either too big or too small. You will need the correct numbers when it comes to outfitting an air conditioning unit. HVAC professionals can work out your system depending on multiple factors like the volume of cooling, ambient temperature, and duration, customarily referred to as cooling load calculation. It is measured in how many “tons” of cooling are required for a room or a house.

  • Regular inspections and maintenance intervals

It takes professionals to carry out inspections of an HVAC system. Homeowners should not take annual Maintenance lightly as several things require careful calibration and checking. Tuning and Maintenance can be carefully performed by people who possess the right set of skills and tools. . Like that, Regular HVAC inspections by a heating and air conditioning service in Atlanta will be needed.

  • Electrical issues and faults

An air conditioner is a complex piece of electric wires, motors, and tubes, making it even hard for people who are not familiar with the systems. Instead of trying to fix electrical faults or issues by yourself and short circuit it due to improper wiring, it’s better to ask for a professional’s help.

  • Compressor Short-cycling

When the compressor in a central cooling system begins to turn on and off every 15 minutes, it can put a lot of strain on the AC unit. Instead of falling air duct cleaning in Atlanta, it’s better to call a professional for assistance. There are several possible reasons why this happens which only a professional can fix. Since it could lead to premature wearing out of components or a total breakdown, let’s have an experienced HVAC expert handle it.



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