Getting Marine insurance is important for protecting your cargo or freight while in transit. You have also to protect the business from the risk of any unforeseen financial losses. Providing the proper insurance in the event of an accident is crucial to being sure that your investments of money and time are safe and secure.

Accidents happen, and the damage can be extensive and costly. Thus you need to invest in the best marine insurance coverage plan that also includes transit insurance


   Two important features of marine cargo insurance



 Factors affecting Cost  

  • There are specialized types of transit insurance available for the transport of refrigerated goods, or personal goods or perishable goods or livestock, or dangerous goods
  • Non-dangerous goods and home goods are the cheapest to insure during transit. 
  • The cost of insuring your refrigerated cargo, or livestock is expensive.
  • The cost of insurance depends on the type of transit insurance plan. The category  of transit insurance determines the cost 
  • Whether your shipment is  large or small 
  • Distance of travel
  • An annual policy designed as per the number of transits you need will help you save costs as you can get discounts on an annual policy as compared to a single-transit insurance policy. 


Features covered in Standard marine insurance policy 

  • Begins at the warehouse 
  • Extends to the warehouse at the  final destination
  • It Includes all intermediate cargo transit by rail or truck
  • Theft,
  • loss,
  • natural weather  calamities 
  • Damages of the cargo during transit. 
  • Damage due to mechanical breakdown resulting in refrigerated goods to expire. it is recommended to  negotiate and include  an extended ‘period with  cargo insurance India

Online cargo insurance

Top cargo insurance companies have an online cargo insurance platform. Marine cargo insurance is the essence of any domestic or international transportation. With the advent of the internet, the best companies are leveraging updated technology to improve their level of service and offer comprehensive insurance plans to clients. Modern technology with Internet efficiencies has made it extremely convenient and easy. They offer a convenient and cost-effective cargo insurance plan. You can get instant online cargo insurance anytime. You can settle and get easy claims online in case of unforeseen circumstances. You just need to have the proper cargo insurance protection plan from a trustworthy shipping insurance company for your merchandise.

Carefully analyse marine insurance plan 

Acquiring and structuring the correct freight insurance cover is a crucial task.  It is important to scrutinize Marine Cargo Insurance policy precisely to ensure that you are covered adequately and for all that you require. Many cargo insurance companies insure your goods by their weight and not by their actual value. However, it is important to get covered for the real value of your freight. Generally, marine insurance plans do not cover very specific products such as artwork, jewellery, tobacco, antiques, spirits, wine, etc. Make sure that coverage is comprehensive 

Save on your marine cargo insurance plan,  

In this internet era, you can Get Marine insurance and Freight insurance quotes online. If you require a transit insurance policy you can compare the quotes offered by different companies and see how much you can save on your shipping insurance policy. This is the best way to get the best and cheap shipping goods insurance policy for your needs.  It is best to opt for an annual policy designed as per the number of transits you require. This will typically save you on the cost as compared to getting merely a solitary transit insurance policy.

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