Make sure you are not deceived when making money transfers to a third party you do not recognize, such as an online purchase before sending money or sending money to someone check details here of that user

When you are online and dealing something for buying you should make sure that person info is genuine or he is a scammer.

Who are Scammers

Now a days lots of people doing business online in which they create fake offers and deal which is very attracting for user once user read those deal he she want to grab that deal without even know about the facts. When they transfer money or buy that deal they got nothing the seller received money and block the user and no further communication possible.

How to Avoid Scam

Do not make transaction early scammers has low patience they ping you again and again for buying that deal or services which is the best sign to detect scammers.

Do not make payment at once always make payment in slot so that you can get idea that payment is valueable or waste

Do not share your own account details to scammers cause once you share details they have more way to contact you for rescam in future.

Do not transfer money if the mobile number is offline. Always try to search that mobile number on Google before sending money. When you search there might be some information about that scammers on internet.

Always help other if you trapped any scam you can share information on Google so that it can help to other people to avoid scam.

In a fake check scam, a person you don’t know and never heard about it he asks you to deposit a check— sometimes for several thousand Rupees, and usually for more than you are owed — and send some of the money to another person account. The scammers always have a good and interesting story to explain why you can’t keep all the money. They might say they need you to cover taxes or fees, you’ll need to buy supplies, or something else.

Name Mobile Account no Location Scam Type
Scam Proof
Tapas Kundu 9836156546 31798702080 Kolkata Call Girl Photos
Cognate Health 18001215313 —- Delhi Health Fraud
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