क्यों होते है extra marital affairs in private companies

Extra-marital affairs in India, as in many cultures worldwide, refer to romantic or sexual relationships that occur outside the bounds of marriage. However, in India, the social and cultural implications of such affairs can be particularly complex due to the traditional emphasis on family values, societal expectations, and the sanctity attributed to marriage.

शादी एक पवित्र बंधन है फिर चाहे आपने अरैन्ज मैरिज की हो या लव मैरिज। जब दो इंसान एक दूसरे से शादी के बंधन में बांध जाते हैं तो वह रिश्ता जन्मों जन्मों के लिए उनको एक दूसरे से बांध देता है। जिस रिश्ते में प्यार, सम्मान और भरोसा होता है, वह रिश्ता कभी नहीं टूटता लेकिन जिन पति पत्नि के रिश्ते में प्यार, इज्जत और भरोसा खत्म हो जाता है वहाँ से शुरू होता है Extra marital Affairs

मतलब जिस शादी में आप खुश नहीं रह पाते वो खुशी आप बाहर ढूंढने लगते हैं, किसी और के साथ सबंध रखने लगते हैं। अपना सुख-दुख घर से ज्यादा बाहर बांटने लगते हैं और फिर एक दिन आप बाहर वाले उस इंसान के प्यार में पड़ जाते हैं। Extra marital Affair के क्या कारण हो सकते हैं चलिए जानते हैं।

Cultural Context:

  1. Social Stigma: Extra-marital affairs are often highly stigmatized in Indian society. They can be viewed as a breach of trust, morality, and societal norms.
  2. Family and Community Impact: In India, marriages are often considered not just a union of two individuals but of families. Infidelity can lead to severe repercussions within the extended family and community.

Legal Implications:

  1. Legal Standing: Indian law doesn’t explicitly criminalize extramarital affairs, but they can be grounds for divorce under certain circumstances.
  2. Adultery Laws: Historically, adultery was considered a criminal offense under Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code, although this law was struck down by the Supreme Court in 2018.

Changing Dynamics:

  1. Urbanization and Modernization: With urbanization and evolving societal norms, there’s a shift in perspectives, especially among the younger generation, regarding relationships and personal autonomy.
  2. Impact of Media and Globalization: Exposure to global media and changing societal attitudes are contributing to a reevaluation of traditional values.

Emotional and Psychological Impact:

  1. Emotional Turmoil: Extra-marital affairs can lead to emotional trauma, not just for the individuals involved but also for their families.
  2. Counseling and Support: Counseling services and support groups are increasingly available to address the emotional fallout and provide guidance to individuals and couples navigating such situations.

The Changing Dynamics of Work-Life Balance

As an HR professional in the IT sector, witnessing shifts in work patterns isn’t confined to just technology-driven roles; it’s pervasive across diverse industries.

Breaking Down a Typical Day

Consider a 24-hour day breakdown: 7 hours of sleep, 2 hours for preparation, 1-2 hours commuting, 9-10 hours of work, and 1 hour for family meals. What remains? A small window for quality time with a spouse.

The Risk of Neglected Relationships

In the corporate world, the scarcity of time spent with partners during weekdays might heighten the vulnerability to extramarital affairs.

IT Dynamics: Project Work and Relationships

Within IT, the demanding nature of project deadlines often engulfs professionals, leaving limited room for personal endeavors. However, the collaborative nature of project work fosters unique bonds among team members.

Unusual Bonds and Affair Risks

These intense collaborations during critical project phases create strong connections. But when projects conclude and workload diminishes, these deep-seated relationships might transform into unexpected affairs.

Conclusion: Navigating Work and Personal Life

Balancing work commitments with personal relationships is crucial. Acknowledging the potential risks and maintaining open communication can help mitigate the likelihood of workplace relationships evolving into extramarital affairs.

This shift in work dynamics underscores the importance of fostering healthy work-life integration to safeguard both professional commitments and personal relationships.


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