There is a variety of software available in online market and many other still have to come. But, these days Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 is in great demand and gaining wide acceptance especially among app developing companies. In this program, you will notice deeper and enhanced integration of dynamic NAV and it is a product of Microsoft which is connected well with environment and can offer bundles of benefits. This program can even run on numerous environment including power apps, 365 applications, Power Bi, third party applications and flow office 365. From Microsoft, the main vision of this program is to offer full fledged software package to medium size and small scale business.

There are numerous features of Microsoft Dynamics, but the main highlights of Microsoft business solutions is that, it come with three different areas. These areas are native networking of ERP infrastructure, core functionality, and improvement of user interface including adaptability of system for individual requirements. Special attention should be paid on deep integration with office 365 through use of common data service which is a type of forward oriented data platform and ensures smooth exchange of information between Microsoft apps, services, business and applications.

Some key features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Management of employee expenses – In old version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, employees need to do all setup because vendors have to post expenses. But, now new version of NAV allows expenses to be posted automatically against various employee cards with wide range of tools that simplify process. With help of this feature, users can perform number of tasks such as –

1. Creating journal entries for employees and it supports only local currency
2. Create employee post group which is easy to define on employee card
3. Help in making payment to employees in payment journal
4. Get suggestions related to payment with full list of employee payments
5. Correct human errors and mistakes with unapplied payments
6. Apply payment for open employee and linking payment to journal entry of employee

Integration API – For empowering service providers and developers for easy integration with Dynamic NAV, Microsoft has planned to add REST API which will be based on browsing or web services with easy to operate and use authentication. The entities in API will be used either by combining with extensions or on their own whenever there will be need of adding more user interface business or elements related to logic dynamic NAV. The first iteration of API publishes different record types like customer, vendor, company information, sales invoice, journal, sales order, item, account information and much more.

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Dynamic for sales integration – With change in time integration between Dynamic CRM and Dynamic NAV has become much easier by offering feature of transferring more data. With this feature you can send sales quote to different contacts without creating them as customer. You can even use opportunity management for setting default chances of successive result on different stages of sales cycle. Not only this, with help of these features, users can measure units, currencies, synchronize sales order and item availability as well. In fact, NAV sales integration feature allow users to work as sales users.

Personalized workspace – Another great feature of Microsoft Dynamics NAV version is, users can personalize their workspace directly in browser through cloud services at any time. Personalization is enabled as default feature for everyone and can be used for different purposes. To get your own app, find personalize option or menu under sign-in option given in upper right corner. As soon as the changes are made by you, they will be implemented and saved immediately which only you can see. You can even see your personalized window in case, you have signed in through any device on app or browser.

Thus, there are numerous features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018, but the above mentioned are the major ones, in use.

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