Postnasal drip is a common respiratory disease in our country, when the weather changes, people with postnasal drip must always be living with uncomfortable symptoms such as difficulty breathing, runny nose, headaches. Postnasal drip if not detected and treated in time can easily cause complications and serious health effects. Just with the ingredients available in this kitchen and the simplest way to do this, it is a good remedy to immediately remove the symptoms of postnasal drip which are tormenting you. Readers can refer to and apply top 4 post nasal drip treatments that we present below if you want to cure without using drugs.


What is postnasal drip?

Postnasal drip is the buildup of mucus on the posterior of the nose and throat, which leads to mucus flowing down the back of the nose and down the throat leading to chronic pharyngitis or chronic cough.

Symptoms of postnasal drip are:

Patients often describe this symptom as having a feeling in their throat, but they cannot cough, or feel like they have a tumor in their throat. In other patients, the mucus that flows down the throat creates an irritation that causes itching or even lead to sudden coughing or flushing, feeling uncomfortable, tired and uncomfortable.

Mucus is usually white or slightly odorless or can also be a yellow or greenish odor in the case of sinus infections. However, in practice, it is not always possible for the patient to spit out the fluid to feel better.

In addition to the above respiratory symptoms, there are symptoms of digestion problems such as difficulty swallowing, belching, heartburn, indigestion, dry throat.

What are causes of postnasal drip?

There are many causes of postnasal drip such as common cold, flu, having allergic to chemicals, perfumes, weather or environment, sinus infection, …


Top 4 home remedies for postnasal drip

Method 1: Ginger

Ginger is both a spice in many dishes and a cheap medicine. Ginger has the effect of mucus secretion, improve the ability to eat, stimulates digestion, anti-flatulence, anti-inflammation, help clean out throat.

There are many ways to treat postnasal drip by ginger as follows:

Way 1:

How to do: Prepare fresh ginger and clean water. Ginger slice thinly into the pot, add water for about 15 minutes to filter the ginger juice.

When the ginger juice is not hot, garnish the ginger juice with a towel and then lightly apply to the face, inhale the heat from the evaporative towel. The heat from the ginger juice will reduce swelling, dilute the mucus, and push the mucus out of the nose more easily. Patients catch postnasal drip should do 3-5 times a day for a period of 1 minute.

Way 2:

Crush ginger and dried onions, filter the water, mix these two together. Use this mixture of drops into the nose regularly 3-5 times a day and repeat continuously for several weeks. You should carefully store this solution in a cool place, avoid mold, put tight on the lid for best preservation.

Way 3:

You crush about 6g of fresh ginger with 30g of lotus root then mix them together. Then apply the mixture from the eyebrow to the forehead of the patient, while covering, you should avoid the mixture sticking to the eye causing eye irritation. Apply for about 20 minutes, fever symptoms decrease, the forehead is not hot, patients feel nausea and pus from nasal cavity vomit out of the oral cavity.

However, there are some cases of contraindications with this home remedy for postnasal drip as:

Pregnant women, diabetics, people catch heart disease or sweat are not allowed to use remedies from ginger regularly.

Do not use ginger for people before and after surgery, people with sunburn, or people with bleeding (bloody nose, vomiting blood, blood in the urine …).

Note, these remedies about ginger should use old ginger when fiber is already available and the shell are still to promote its full effect.

Method 2: Apple cider vinegar

Way 1:

Ingredients: 20 ml of apple cider vinegar, 10 ml of honey

How to do: Mix the two ingredients together and then add 150ml of warm water. Drink daily at every meal.

Use: Honey is a natural antibacterial component and apple cider vinegar contains a substance that reduces the formation of mucus in the nose, combining these two ingredients is an effective treatment for allergic rhinitis to help limit the stuffy nose.

Note: It is important to determine if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the mixture and need to drink while the medicine is still warm.

Way 2:

Preparation: 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, ½ cup of boiling water.

How to do: Before taking the sauna, you need to clean your nose in advance. It is possible to use saline solution to clean your nose and then blow nasal mucus out. Mix the vinegar and boiling water together in the pot, wait for the heat to rise up, then move your face closer to the pot which makes nasal mucus blow out. After the steaming process, use a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey introduced at 1 to rinse off. Hold the mixture in the mouth for 5 minutes and then release, hold and release 2 more times.

Use: Bacteria can be killed at a temperature of 60 degrees, and when you take the sauna, nasal mucus brings bacteria out. Besides, the potassium content in the vinegar will reduce the possibility of mucus formation.

Note when you need to be careful, adjust the distance between the face and the pot to avoid overheating or being too cool, the effect is not high.

Method 3: Green tea leaf

Green tea is a material that brings many benefits to human health. Tea has detoxifying effect, good anti-inflammatory, so it is an effective treatment for postnasal drip.

Step 1: Prepare fresh green tea leaves, cloth, towel used to keep heat, a clean kettle to heat.

Step 2: Rinse the leaves of green tea, drain, clean the pot and towel to avoid the infection or the effect is not high.

Step 3: Directly heat green tea leaves prepared with enough water to take the sauna. When the water is boiled, you pour directly into a brazier or open the mouth of the kettle.

Step 4: Directly move your nose over the amount of steam coming out from the brazier or kettle, not so close to the face. When the temperature is no longer too hot, use a towel to cover over head so that the steam does not vapor too much.

When doing the treatment of postnasal drip with green tea leaf, you should:

Not to abuse too much, every day should only be taken the sauna 1 time.

Wash your nose with saline solution before taking the sauna.

If you don’t have time, you can do this method as follows:

Add a little salt to the cup of hot green tea, while the cup is still warm, bring the cup to the left nose, and at the same time, you hold the right nose, then breathe heavily to expel the steam. Repeat 3-5 times and then change to do the same with the left nose. One day do this twice before bedtime and after waking up, every 10-15 minutes. So just 30 minutes a day, tea leaves have helped patients with postnasal drip relieve uncomfortable symptoms.

Method 4: Garlic

In this food contains large amounts of glucogen, aliin, phytonite, … In particular, allicin is considered a natural antibiotic that can destroy bacteria and is likely to be anti-inflammatory and antiviral. It is due to the precious and medicinal essence in garlic that the nose is more open, as well as the symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, headache are also significantly reduced. Besides, using garlic daily is a simple way to create a protective film that protects the body from pathogens.

Just peel garlic, squeeze to get the water, then add a little drinking-water. For the first time, you should give more water and the next time when you are accustomed, you can reduce the amount of water to increase use. Once you have clean your nose, use a cotton swab to add the garlic and squeeze it into your nose, then blow your nose and clean it.

At the first time after the small amount of garlic solution drip in the nose, you will feel spicy, sharp and uncomfortable, you try to endure. With high antibacterial properties, a few times after the condition will gradually lessen and the symptoms of postnasal drip will gradually decrease and then completely.

Or, you prepare about 200g of the peeled garlic and 1 liter of fine wine. Garlic can be pounded or keep into pieces and then put into clean glass to preserve longer with wine. You cover with the lid, daily shake garlic to the garlic solution secret faster. After about 10 days (for stamping garlic) and after 1 month (raw garlic), when the garlic wine turns yellow turmeric is usable. Twice a day in the morning and at night, you take about 1 teaspoon of garlic and drink alcohol. In this way, only after a short time of nasal congestion, runny nose, headache, etc., will quickly disappear without medication.

Or, you can mix garlic juice with pure honey in a ratio of 1: 2. After rinsing your nose with physiological saline, use a cotton swab to fill the nose. After about 5 minutes, blow your nose gently and wipe clean. Make 2 times a day before bed to get the best results.

In addition to three simple garlic treatment that you should effectively refer to apply immediately, you can also eat 1-2 garlic cloves a day or add them to everyday meals. That is a simple way to prevent respiratory illness in particular and protect your own health. It should be noted that: patients with diabetes and blood on treatment should not take garlic and drink garlic alcohol.

These home remedies for postnasal drip that I have introduced above will bring about certain effects, but the duration of treatment is often long so you need to spend time preparing and the possibility of recurrence is quite high. So to treat to the every roots of cause, you should combine the use of special medication to achieve high efficiency.



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